Mambo Room Programs

Mambo Room Programs

Recent studies show that dance increases cognitive acuity and contributes significantly to the development of critical thinking at all ages. We love what we do and we know it makes a difference. Here are a few things the Dance-a-thon has helped to fund:

Guest Instructors and Quality Dance Programs

Over the years, Mambo Room has been able to bring talent into Hampton Roads from all over the world. From New York to DC to Africa, we have brought some of the world’s most talented instructors to our humble little community to share their knowledge and passion of dance and culture. We focus on building quality dance programs for the community that inspire others to be a part of. Some of the proceeds have helped us keep this going and allow us to continue building a solid dance community.


We offer scholarships for children who would benefit from being part of the studio and dance community. If you know of a child who needs a boost in confidence, more practice in social settings or simply needs a happy place to be, please contact us for more details. [email protected]

Summer Camp for the Disabled with the Up Center

Funds from the Dance-a-thon have made it possible for the Mambo Room to provide instruction at the Summer Camps for disabled citizens.

Free After-School Salsa Club at Cradock Middle School & Ruffner Academy

We have proudly worked with several public school systems in Hampton Roads. Below is footage of Mambo Room instructors teaching salsa to students as an after-school activity at Craddock Middle School.

Free Up Center Classes for Kids and Mentors

The Up Center match adults, ages 20 and older, with kids, ages 6 to 17 to be mentors. These mentors serve as role models to youths, many of whom come from single parent homes or from foster homes. Most simply desire more time with a responsible, caring adult. The benefits of mentoring are tremendous. Mambo Room supports this program by offering free classes to the children and their mentors. We also help facilitate their Summer camp for disabled children.

Hip Hop Classes for ForKids

Past programs include free hip hop classes for children helped by ForKids Inc., free kids Zumba classes to fight childhood obesity and free parents’ nights out.