Team Capacity Limits

Maximum number of participants on a single team is ten (10). (You may have less than 10, not more than 10, but if you have more than 10 simply create 2 teams!)

Team Goals

The team goal is $2,000 but is not a requirement for participation. Once your team reaches $2,000 collectively, your team is then eligible for team prizes.

Moving Donations Between Members or Teams

Once the event begins, team members may not be moved from one team to another team.
Once donations are submitted, they may not be moved to another team member.

Donations Made Directly to Teams

When a donation is given to an entire team, funds go towards the team’s goal, not individual participant goals.

Minimum Donations to Participate

Each individual must raise a minimum of $20 per hour to participate if you are not on a team.

However, once a team raises its goal of $2,000, all team members are allowed to participate regardless of their personal donation amount.

Food at the Event

Any person who raises $200 or more gets lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks for free. Others may pay $5 per meal. $2 per drink, $1 per snack.


One member from each team must be on the dance floor at all times during the event. If not, the team and individual team members will be disqualified from winning prizes. Substituting members is not allowed. The same consequences will apply to any team who allows a non-member to wear a team number.


Spectators must pay $10 per hour they stay to watch. They may make a general donation or they may sponsor a dancer.

After Party

Any participant who raises $200 or more will be allowed into the after party for free. For all others, admission is $20.


Anyone who displays unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.