Jara Clark

Dance Fitness Instructor : MixxedFit

As a mother of two boys, Jara has been living with her family in Norfolk, Virginia since 2005. Prior to children she held several job titles ranging from waitress to executive assistant. She graduated from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Currently she is a Commit and Mixxedfit instructor, and she is also certified in First Aid, AED, and CPR. Relatively new to the Dance Fitness scene, she received her MixxedFit Certification in September 2018 and began teaching in February 2019.

Coming through her own trials and tribulations with her own weight and health, Jara is grateful for her fitness experience, and to all those who have influenced her on her journey. She strives to honor those instructors who have aided her on and off the dance floor, through her classes and in her personal lifestyle.

She has a strong love of fitness and a dedicated practice, and hopes to share that love and dedication with anyone who is willing to get on the floor. Her goal is to help individuals realize that fitness is more mental than it is physical and growth through fitness can be an all encompassing change of mind, body, and spirit.

Due to her personal experience as a young single black fit activist mother, BREATHE : is a book that teaches you how to make good healthy smoothies in a simple and delicious way, was born. It is a collaboration of recipes that she put together to assist families, individuals, women, men and children alike to build resiliency everyday and live healthy eternally. She has taken the holistic approach to help her through her journey modeling, her fitness and healthy food lifestyle. But fitness is her passion!


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