Kim Price

Dance Instructor : Salsa On2 & Bachata

Kim Price's love for dance developed at an early age while performing as a cheerleader from elementary school through high school. She has been in several community dance troops entertaining the dance community.

In 2013, Kim was introduced to the Latin dance community while out one night with friends, where her love for the dance and culture was born.

Shortly thereafter, she joined the Mambo Room support team and started taking as many weekly dance classes as she could, feeding her thirst to learn more. Seeing her passion for the dance, various instructors asked her to assist during their classes.

Her love for the dance led to her being on several dance teams & traveling across the United States and competing in numerous dance competitions.

She also has managed to blend her dance life with being a mom of three, holding down a full time job and being an Elite Team Leader with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

She currently teaches Bachata and various beginner crash courses.

Kim is very eager to see the Dance Community grow and makes every effort possible to dance with everyone she sees.

Her motto is... "Be the change you want to see!"


Kim's Upcoming Workshops & Progressive Series